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Project Title

STR — Embankment Beautification, Yachenka River


Urban planning




Kaluga, Russia


Competition, 3-rd prize


The Ministry of construction of Russia, The Foundation of the unified development Institute in the housing sector, KB Strelka


4 Ha


The Yachenskoye Water Reservoir lies on the course of the Yachenka River running west of the Kaluga centre and emptying into the Oka River. The stretch of the embankment to be improved lies between Kaluga-Bor Street in the south and Dobrovolsky Street in the north, going past the Cosmonaut Volkov garden and the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, the latter separated from the riverside by a small grove. Today that stretch of the embankment is a poorly asphalted, undeveloped zone of pedestrian and motor traffic.
The proposed improvement concept proceeds from the idea of a harmonious mix of natural and urban contexts. It plays on the existing two-tier embankment structure: the lower tier imitates the natural context through its pointedly curvilinear configuration and the use of wood in the promenade paving along the water edge while the upper one is pointedly “urbanistic”, explicitly divided into functional zones and constituting a chain of public spaces of varying scale that are intended for various activities.
Special care has been taken to make up for the shortage of pedestrian links between the embankment and the city: the design provides for the construction of six “outbound piers” as extensions of the existing pedestrian paths across the grove and garden that would cross the embankment and go down to the water.
Under the improvement plan the embankment will be used round the year. The main public space in the very centre of the area has no stationary facilities except a stage and can be used for different purposes depending on the season. Mostly modular units will be used for embankment development and decoration.


Petr Anurin
Ivan Sakara
Vitalii Verbytsky
Rudolf Kizelbash
Egor Kyrchanov
Alisa Ermolaeva
Anna Fesenko