01/08 | Reseption zone
02/08 | City position
03/08 | Cafe interior - morning and evening view
04/08 | Office corridor
05/08 | Elevator hall. Floor design fragment
06/08 | Exterior. View from Smolensliy boulevard
07/08 | Yard landscape improvement



Project Title

SML — Office building on Smolenskiy boulevard




Hospitality, Offices


Moscow, Russia


In Progress


‘AK Bars’


20 183 m2


The uncompromising and unified office interiors of the past are giving way to modern workspace designs where individuality and character are prized above standardization and the emphasis is on employees’ comfort. Based on today’s principles for creating an environment for productive activity, Progress has devised internal-design concepts and landscaping scenarios for an office and hotel complex. The design project is based on playing with the stereotypical view of the office as a closed and impregnable ‘cell’ which isolates people from external processes for the sake of continuous labour. Emphatically understated, stringent design and deliberately limited selection of materials and techniques create a space which is open to the world while arousing a wealth of allusions and associations. The concentric circles on the floor surfaces are reminiscent of Japanese stone gardens; the ‘log benches’ and ‘bonfire lights’ in the building’s courtyard make one think of the forest; and the abundant use of reticular and transparent load-bearing structures ensures access to another natural element – light. The idea of transparency is also manifested in the way that interior-design and external landscape ideas duplicate one another, creating an agile space with a high degree of fluidity between its various parts. The devices used underline the rich diversity of the external world, which penetrates the office in flashes of bright images that balance the cold seriousness of the work process.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Rudolf Kizelbash
  • Egor Kyrchanov
  • Evelina Bukhartseva
  • Nikita Shilov
  • Margarita Asanina
  • Lana Kozlovskaya
  • Vera Zhivotovskaya