01/04 | RBZ — Residential District
02/04 | RBZ — Residential District
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Project Title

RBZ — Residential District


Urban planning




Kazan, Russia




ZAO ‘Yadran Oil’


95 Ha


The housing community is supposed to be built in the Koshchakovo rural settlement, Pestrechinskoye District, Republic of Tatarstan, just outside its capital, Kazan. The site slated for development occupies an area of 95 hectares to be accessed by a road, which is to be laid from the existing highway. The Kazan-Minibayevo consumer gas service line is about 200 m away from the site border.
The housing community has a flexible layout structure: its area is divided into functional zones and land plots by a uniform module grid allowing for standardized development and amenities.
The public centre and social and service facilities are in the main entrance area. A park with natural environment will form the central part of the settlement. The list of social and service facilities is to include an administrative building, a supermarket, specialized shops, cafés, fitness centre, sports grounds, a restaurant, agrifarm, market, school and preschool education establishment. The public zone of about 10 000 sq. m will account for 16 percent of the area. The amenities will occupy 34 106 sq. m.
The housing will account for 84 percent of the community area and consist of four business class blocks of flats, 24 townhouses on sites of 200-300 sq. m each, 136 duplex-type houses on sites of 500-600 sq. m, 127 single-family houses on 1 500-2 000 sq. m sites and 18 private houses on 5 000 – 6 000 sq. m each with access to the woods. The future community also includes 19 “land only” sites measuring from 800 to 1 000 sq. m. Local materials are to be used in the construction project. The buildings will have ferro-concrete carcasses faced with clinker.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Vitalii Verbytsky
  • Yana Elnikova
  • Ekaterina Luneva
  • Aleksey Polyakov