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Project Title

RAM — Recreational Complex






Moscow region, Russia




ООО ‘Stroyconsulting+’


38,3 Hа


The Pakhra multi-purpose centre, which is being built on an area of 38.3 hectares, is to become a growth point of the Ramenskoye District in the Moscow Region. A favourable location – the bend of the Pakhra River – and singular terrain promise a comfortable environment for entertainment, leisure and sports.
The centre consists of a shopping and entertainment complex adjacent to the Volodarskoye Highway, an apart-hotel and a recreation complex that overlook the river and are surrounded by a park and leisure zone.
The recreation complex includes an entrance group with an information pavilion, car parking along the Volodarskoye Highway, a health-building centre, indoor and outdoor water parks, a hotel with a restaurant, and a conference centre. The hotel, health centre and conference centre are connected with roofed surface passages. A round pond with pedestrian paths radiating from it forms the compositional core of the recreation complex. The hotel entrance group is pond-oriented while the restaurant terrace overlooks the Pakhra River. A symbolical axis passes from them through the geometrical centre of the pond and “holds together” the stage, art platform and other amenities.
The shopping and entertainment centre includes two car parks, shopping outlets, a restaurant, farmer’s market, amusement park and agrifarm. A shopping street goes along the border between the shopping, entertainment and recreation complexes: it is a pedestrian boulevard “recessed” into manmade terrain with shops and cafés on the sides.
The apartment hotel consists of four 4-storey buildings placed parallel to the Pakhra riverbed and surrounded by sports grounds, a golf course, the restaurant building, etc.
The park and leisure zone is a well-appointed riverfront with a slight height difference. Under the proposed improvement concept, the slopes are to be used to create a network of pedestrian and cycle paths raised slightly above ground. The area can also accommodate some points of activity, such as a botanical garden for children, a mini-zoo or a climbing wall.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Yana Elnikova
  • Aleksey Polyakov