01/05 | PRO — ‘Prostor’ Bakery (Plant)
02/05 | PRO — ‘Prostor’ Bakery (Plant)
03/05 | PRO — ‘Prostor’ Bakery (Plant)
04/05 | PRO — ‘Prostor’ Bakery (Plant)



Project Title

PRO — ‘Prostor’ Bakery (Plant)






Moscow, Russia


Competition, 1-st prize


ОАО ‘KBK Cheremushki’


44 926 m2


The Prostor bakery & confectionery reconstruction project in Moscow’s east, on a site between Ferganskaya and Akademik Skriabin Streets and Sormovsky and Sursky Drives, was developed jointly with the Mosproekt-2 Institute and the NOWADAYS architectural bureau within the 2014 nationwide competition organized by Moskomarkhitektura, the Cheryomushki bakery and confectionery plant and the Aglomeratsia IT Centre. The project won the first prize at that competition.
Care for the Soviet modernist heritage as a prototype of contemporary Russian architecture – the bakery & confectionery plant was built in the second half of the 1980s, when the Soviet regime was breathing its last – underpinned the project concept. Among other things, it was proposed that the original idea of the Mezentsev Central Research and Design Institute, which had designed the plant, be implemented with the use of state-of-the-art materials and technologies.
Masonry veneer was chosen for façade finish. Annexes to the old buildings were faced with glass (solid structural glazing with vertical aluminum partitioning spaced at 1.5 m) and aluminum panels that naturally enhanced the “brutal” image of the plant.
A public space with shops and a café was organized in the atrium lobby of the service building. An access zone marked by a weather shelter on the side of the Ferganskaya Street is connected with all the clockhouses of the plant. A climbing wall – a metal structure with expressive plastics that is visible through the glazed west façade – is a new architectural accent.
The plant grounds, including the car park, were improved and planted with greenery. The lighting system presupposes balanced façade illumination.


  • Mosproekt-2


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Nikita Kolbovskiy