01/07 | Embankment
02/07 | Inside & outside promenades
03/07 | Wind protected promenade
04/07 | Functional programming. Masterplan
05/07 | Views from the island and central square
06/07 | Energy center axonometry



Project Title

NVR — Admiral Serebryakov Embankment


Urban planning




Novorossiysk, Russia


Competition, 2-nd prize


ZAO ‘Pyatnitsa’


14 Ha


Progress in the consortium with the companies Miralles Tagliabue EMBT and Cushman & Wakefield entered the final of the international competition for the elaboration of the concept for the development of the part of the embankment named after Admiral Serebryakov in the city of Novorossiysk, where we took 2-nd prize, surrendering the top place to Zaha Hadid Architects.
The objective of the competition was to create a concept of a tourist cluster MICE format, which is focused on business tourism. Most of the territory is reserved for the hotel function, but the project also has unique facilities, such as a wine museum, a fish market and an artificial island, which become new centers of attraction for residents and visitors of the city. The energy center envisaged in the task was decided to be turned into a separate art object - the "Wind Sculpture". Pipes, that grow directly from the ground, become a bright accent throughout the embankment.
The foundation of our concept is based on three components: the idea of a natural city, the unification of the three forces of nature and the characteristic appearance of Novorossiysk as a port city.
A natural city is a city that is formed by itself and forms a complex but cozy system of streets and squares in a plan that does not obey the regular system. Thus, after studying the rose of the winds of the Novorossiysk Bay, we projected the directions of airflows to the area and obtained the curvilinear geometry of the master plan, which contributes to the creation of wind shadows.
Wind, sun and water are the forces of nature that directly affect the projected territory, and we tried to take into account all three factors in our concept. Novorossiysk is a city that is overwhelmed by powerful winds, and therefore it needs protection. We moved away the buildings from the coastline as far as possible, extending the existing building line of houses. The embankment is assigned to a botanical garden, which becomes the new linear center of the territory and should serve as an obstacle to the wind coming from the sea. The second axis is a promenade, sheltered from the wind, in the depth of the building, running parallel to the embankment. The geometry of the master plan also takes into account the necessary insolation of buildings, and curved volumes reveal more views to the bay.
The port image of the city is a powerful industrial component of Novorossiysk: the visual silhouette of the bay forms a port, a logistics complex, an oil terminal and a cement factory. These features create its unique style. We used elements of the already established image of the port city, giving them a human scale and using modern materials. Also important is the fact that in our project we suggest maximum use of local materials and dense work with local suppliers.
In the process of joint work on the competition with our partners, we received an interesting and useful experience, which resulted in a project of social significance, appreciated by experts.


  • Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
  • Cushman & Wakefield


  • Transsolar KlimaEngineering

Wind simulation

  • Rheologic GmbH

Functional program

  • MACON Real Estate Consultant

Financial model calculation techniques

  • Rebus Capital


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Rudolf Kizelbash
  • Egor Kyrchanov
  • Evelina Bukhartseva
  • Nikita Shilov
  • Viktoriya Matryuk
  • Margarita Asanina
  • Lana Kozlovskaya
  • Alexandra Barmushkina
  • Liudmila Minina