01/08 | Proposal
02/08 | City position. Extention plan sales office and cafe
03/08 | Existing state
04/08 | Historic appearance of the facade to preserve
05/08 | Virtual reality
06/08 | Endless possibilities of the form
07/08 | MGTS - MGTS office building renovation



Project Title

MGTS - MGTS office building renovation




Offices, Public


Moscow, Russia






650 m2

Moscow’s first automatic telephone exchange, situated in an exemplary Constructivist building, became a symbol of the new attitude to speed, accessibility, formats for communication, and also architecture. The extension project for the telephone exchange is imbued with reverence for this Avant-garde genius loci. The additional zone on the ground floor, which will contain a café and the sales department, and the offices that will be built on to the top of the building constitute a minimal intervention into the existing structure, preserving its outline in almost its original form. The glass surfaces of the new volumes, whose transparency enters into dialogue with the building’s extensive glazing, also reinforce the telephone exchange’s original look. In the spirit of the innovative ideas that shaped the exchange, Progress proposes using the latest inventions of our own age – by creating an enhanced-reality installation which can be seen using a VR app. This virtual sculptural composition can be accessed by anyone in just one touch and at the same time exists in another dimension; it offers the user extensive opportunities. Soaring above the earth and free of the laws of nature, it can take on any shape, serving equally as a successful marketing ploy, a news portal, and a profoundly aesthetic component. The concept’s spectacular character, multifunctionality, and combination of the real and the virtual transform the familiar ways in which space is organized, opening up hitherto unexplored ways of reading and using space.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Vitalii Verbytsky
  • Yana Elnikova
  • Aleksey Polyakov
  • Egor Kyrchanov