01/03 | View of the railway platform
02/03 | Entrance of the station pavilion. Masterplan. Ground floor plan



Project Title

MCL — Office complex near the ‘Likhobori’ station of the Moscow Central Ring Railway






Moscow, Russia






215 990 m2


This project is a focal point in the concept for development of a site abutting the transport hub of Nikolaevskaya, which is currently under construction. The new element of infrastructure links Likhobory, a station on the Moscow Central Ring, and NATI, a stop on the October Railway Line, and paves the way for alternative use of this disused industrial territory – specifically for erection of a mixed-use complex. As part of the system of interchanges, the new complex will itself serve as a transit hub: the principal volume has underground and above-ground links with the Nikolaevskaya and NATI stops and likewise with a free-standing car park. The building’s configuration and connections with the public-transport stops allow passenger flows to be easily adjusted, additionally ensuring that passengers can change lines without having to go outside.
In addition to its role as a link, a role which is of great importance for passengers, the building is also a centre of attraction for residents of the nearby districts of Koptevo and Otradnoe. The mixed-use nature of the complex localizes the types of leisure and space situated in various parts of the territory, saving time for local residents and creating a rich programme of activities.
The building has a gentle, aerodynamic shape: its organic curves, which contextually echo the lanes of the nearby roads, and metallic scaly membrane give it a bio-tech feel suggesting a balance between nature and innovation. This futuristic-looking complex looks ahead, symbolically offering the district a new future.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Vitalii Verbytsky
  • Alisa Ermolaeva
  • Aleksey Polyakov