01/03 | MCZ — Hotel near the ‘Zorge’ station of the Moscow Central Ring Railway
02/03 | MCZ — Hotel near the ‘Zorge’ station of the Moscow Central Ring Railway



Project Title

MCZ — Hotel near the ‘Zorge’ station of the Moscow Central Ring Railway




Hospitality, Residential


Moscow, Russia






276 375 m2


An apartment hotel of four seventeen storey-high buildings on a single stylobate was suggested to be built at a site surrounded by railroad tracks of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) in the east and Berzarin and Tretya Khoroshevskaya Streets in the northwest in the Southwest Administrative District (SZAO) of Moscow.
In the best German tradition, the austere architecture of the identical high rises put strictly along grid lines contrasts the unusual spatial solution of the stylobate part cut up by deep niches of different forms and sizes, which make it look more like a piece of public art rather than a parking lot “framed” by street retail (which it in fact is). A promenade zone with trees and various pieces of outdoors furniture is on the roof of the stylobate. Of no small importance is the fact that all buildings of the apartment hotel are raised above the ground by reinforced concrete supports in the form of giant arches that make the promenade area walk-through: nothing blocks the view for strollers going between the soaring slim towers.
A house on stilts is a textbook example of modernist architecture associated both with works of Le Corbusier and with Soviet modernist structures. However, in the past few decades this method, despite being practical and spectacular, has met with little demand, at least in Russia. The apartment hotel project at the Zorge MCC station can be seen as a subtle reminder of this undeservedly forgotten type of buildings.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Vitalii Verbytsky
  • Alisa Ermolaeva
  • Aleksey Polyakov