01/03 | OD1 — Residential area with a theme park
02/03 | OD1 — Residential area with a theme park



Project Title

OD1 — Residential area with a theme park


Urban planning


Multi-purpose, Urban planning


Moscow region, Russia




Chinese company ‘Eontime World’


59,4 На


The 60-hectare site to be developed is in the Odintsovo District of the Moscow Region, 300 metres north of the Vnukovo station on the Kiyevsky line of the Moscow Railway, at the intersection of the Minsk Highway and Akulovskaya Street. The planning concept envisages the integration of the existing transport infrastructure development scheme, including both local roads, the network of currently designed district roads and the junction on the Minsk Highway.
The functional zoning of the site strictly complies with the terms of reference. The residential zone in the eastern part of the site with all the appropriate social infrastructure facilities and utilities takes up 40 percent of the area and will accommodate 7 000 residents. The western part of the site (25 percent of the area) has been set aside for an indoor and an outdoor park and a theatre. The public/business zone in the centre will house a 2- or 3-storey shopping centre of about 180 000 sq. m with a partially greenified roof and two hotels of 7-8 floors each with a total of 600 rooms. One of the planned district roads will dissect the site from south to north, improving access to all the public functions.
The proposed architectural and urban planning solution aims to create a comfortable living environment taking account of modern sustainable development trends. The residential blocks will have few straight streets in order to avoid monotony. The varied height of buildings will help diversify the environment as well: buildings will grow taller from south to north, and most of the flats will face south.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Ilona Glukhenkaya
  • Nataliya Gutorova
  • Yana Elnikova
  • Alisa Ermolaeva
  • Polina Kireeva
  • Ani Tumanyan