01/04 | HIM — Multifunctional Complex
02/04 | HIM — Multifunctional Complex
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Project Title

HIM — Multifunctional Complex




Offices, Retail


Moscow, Russia




Cushman & Wakefield


30 000 m2


The site to be developed is in Khimki outside Moscow, sitting between Yubileiny Avenue and Gorshin and Panfilov streets; it is an elongated rectangle with the longer sides facing north-west and south-east. The main façade of the future building looks on the avenue and its gable façades abut two 25-storey prefab apartment houses built in 2007. The 10-storey complex to be built is shaped as a parallelepiped with rounded corners.
The project is to complete logically the development of Mikrorayon 1A and therefore was initially designed as a district public center. It will combine a shopping centre (ground to 3rd floors), business centre (4th–6th floors) and hotel (7th–9th floors). The offices and hotel have separate entrance groups and elevators.
The exterior is visually divided into three tiers. Such horizontal articulation is meant to reflect the functional purpose of individual storeys: the shop windows girding the ground floor offer passers-by a view of the goods on offer in the shopping center; the nine upper floors are faced with glass brick. However, the 1st – 6th and 7th – 9th floors are perceived as separate parts due to the difference in lighting between the cold luminescent glare of the shops and offices versus the warm cozy glow of incandescent bulbs and the shift of one of the gable façades of the hotel block with respect to the lower floor contour that breaks the overall symmetry of the spatial composition. The designers’ active use of glass components in the façade decoration is intended to rarefy the heavy street front formed by multi-storey panel buildings.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Aleksey Polyakov