01/04 | BAS — Apartaments and Shopping Center
02/04 | BAS — Apartaments and Shopping Center
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Project Title

BAS — Apartaments and Shopping Center






Moscow, Russia




ООО ‘Constel’


2 665 m2


The site set aside for the construction of a seven-storey public complex with apartments that will have a total floor space of 2 650 sq. m is between two residential houses built in the 1940s-1960s. The football pitch of the Avtomobilist stadium is to the east across the street; the Ostankino TV tower rises a little more than three kilometres to the north-east and will be well seen from the top floors of the complex. At present the site is home to the Avtomag one-storey store for car owners, a sorry sight and hardly a loss to the area when demolished.
The monotonous urban surrounding killed the idea of dialogue with the context, and the designed building is utterly self-sufficient from the artistic point of view. The project form evolution is quite interesting to trace: a grid with square cells filled with glass was placed on the façade planes of the parallelepipedal volume extruded from the rectangular site, with the borders between the cells designated with simple white imposts. Thereafter individual pieces, strictly following the grid, were “cut out” of the volume to make room for terraces of a sort, which visually complicate the generally laconic architectural solution.
The basement storey of the complex houses a supermarket, lobbies and car lift taking residents’ cars to the underground parking space, a cafeteria takes up the whole of the ground floor, and the first to sixth floors have 24 apartments measuring 46 to 69 sq. m.
An alternative design solution has been prepared for the site: a two-storey shopping centre on a wooden frame with solid glazing. It is less sophisticated from the architectural point of view, but friendlier environmentally and, due to its smaller scale, more benign.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Vitalii Verbytsky
  • Ludmila Gridneva