01/03 | View from Serebryanicheskiy lane and Bernikovskaya embankment
02/03 | SRB — Hotel, Serebryanicheskaya Embankment



Project Title

SRB — Hotel, Serebryanicheskaya Embankment






Moscow, Russia




ООО ‘ETK-Invest’


3 595 m2


The four-storey building U-shaped in plan with an area of about 3 500 sq. m that is being transformed into a three-star hotel sits on a small site at the crossing of the Serebryanichesky, Tessinsky and Bolshoy Nikolovorobinsky lanes. The Art House residential complex, a good specimen of Moscow neomodernism, is towering across the road. The Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Stalin’s skyscraper, one of Moscow’s “Seven Sisters”, is less than half a kilometer west of the reconstruction project, in the mouth of the Yauza River, and seen perfectly from the upper floors of the renovated house. There are restaurants and cafés galore in the area.
The project provides for the renovation of brick façades with the plaster work repaired and existing decorative elements replaced, the building-in of space between the corner avants-corps (risalits) and a great deal of engineering, structural and other inconspicuous undertakings. The construction of a glass atrium facing the inner-block yard is, beyond doubt, a more serious innovation under the proposed project. The high-tech space going up to about 15 m is to accommodate a lobby bar with an area of 220 sq. m, a panoramic lift and a few service premises. The atrium is accessible from the vestibule and directly from the street.
The hotel architecture is an example of a well-tested balance between the historical image of the original and emphatically modern forms. The proposed massing solution does not “undermine” the environment: the glass annex is tactfully tucked in behind the main façade and risalits; yet it is in no way a compromise solution as the old and the new are ostensibly in contrast.
The layout has been dictated by the configuration of the building: the vestibule and lobby bar mentioned above occupy the central part of the ground floor, flanked by the restaurant and administrative premises, and the hotel rooms and apartments connected by a system of corridors take up the three floors above.


  • Petr Anurin
  • Ivan Sakara
  • Vitalii Verbytsky